SBA: Size Matters.

More than once I’ve had brokers and borrowers ask: ‘Since SBA Lending is a governmentally sponsored
product, don’t all (SBA) lenders offer essentially the same thing?’
In a word, no.
Smaller lenders make SBA loans with the established intention to sell the note as soon as possible (these are securitized on ‘Wall Street,’ and there’s a well established market for them)
Some (typically larger) banks like to portfolio the loans. (hang on to them)
The lender who intends to sell, clearly has an incentive to make that loan attractive to potential buyers and often does so with higher rates, adjustable rates, etc.
The lender who keeps the loan for their portfolio (while they may be a bit more picky) can offer more attractive terms to the borrower.
One (portfolio) lender we work with offers a rate fixed – for all 25 years – at 4.5%
Smaller lenders will typically only fix the rate for a few years after which it becomes variable.
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